13 May 2018

Justice for Chelsey

#JusticeForChelsey was a campaign set up in response to the alleged assault of Chelsey Wright - a young mother living in Sunderland. 

On September 4, 2016, Chelsey claims to have woken up on the floor of a stranger's bedroom. She had been undressed, she had been assaulted and she quickly realised she had been raped. The unknown assailant wouldn't let Chelsey out the room, he beat her and laughed at her attempts to escape.

The next day Chelsey underwent a full rape exam, which uncovered two counts of semen, one of them inside her body. The exam also showed extensive injuries and traces of Rohypnol. All this occurred, yet the police made no convictions. This led to a community-based campaign in order to prosecute the perpetrators of the crime. Chelsey gave an interview to The Rebel Media which quickly went viral. She became a symbol for the victims of rape and grooming in Britain.

The campaign drew to a close after an extensive investigation by a lawyer hired by The Rebel Media. The CPS agreed to show him their evidence. And it became apparent that there were flaws in the case that would make it a steep uphill battle in court. Chelsey wrote a letter thanking everyone for their support, ending with the following statement:

“I do ask that if one good thing happens as a result of this campaign, it is this - that people look out for women who appear vulnerable on a night out. Even if the woman is a stranger, check she is okay and get help if needed. Let's all take care of each other.”

Photos by Lucy Brown