I am a photographer from Cambridge, UK. I come from a fairly liberal background - taking great interest in alternative subcultures and lifestyles as a young teenager and going on to pursue a career in fashion photography. I went on to live in London for 10 years. I was working as a photographic retoucher and freelance photographer until 2016, when the US elections and Brexit became a key focus for me above all else.

I soon found myself in a volatile political and social environment which became impossible to ignore. I became increasingly worried about normalised political violence and the erosion of the freedom to express oneself.

I began my journey into political activism by attending events for Black Lives Matter and Sisters Uncut. Unsatisfied with the tactics and principles of these groups, I became disillusioned, growing a strong interest in the growing right wing & populist movements - who I found to be much more tolerant and accepting of opposing viewpoints, as well as being more willing to engage in dialogue.

During this time I felt as though our Government was not able to control the threat of radical Islamic terrorism which we were becoming accustomed to, and that valuable information to consider about the religion of Islam was being under-reported by the mainstream media to avoid causing offense.

I felt this was unacceptable, and that saving lives and preventing future attacks should have been the priority when reporting on these incidents.

I began working for Tommy Robinson (via The Rebel Media) as a camerawoman and producer in 2017 alongside Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John. During this time I have travelled across the UK as well as Europe, and I have had first hand experience of the movement for two years.

After a public disagreement in May 2018 over the Day for Freedom event in Whitehall, Tommy Robinson and I parted ways professionally. I am currently working for myself and am on the lookout for new collaborators for future projects.