17 Feb 2018

A ‘real womens march’ (#Frauenmarsch), organised by Leyla Bilge of the ‘120 dezibel‘ campaign, was attended by around a thousand women voicing their concerns over Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policies.

One of the reasons for the protest was the endangerment of Germany’s women by uncontrolled mass migration. 

The affiliated regional AfD Brandenburg party says on its website: “We give our women a voice. We take to the streets for our women and girls! One thing has been clearly shown over the past few months: there is no room for women’s rights and protection in Chancellor Merkel’s agenda. Every day we hear messages of raped, injured or murdered fellow citizens.”

The march was stopped in it’s tracks by anti-fascist protestors and was not allowed to continue. Women were also attacked as they tried to enter the march and there were reports of violence as people made their way home that evening.

Photos by Lucy Brown