6 February 2018

Drag Kids: Not Today Satan!

I wrote and presented a piece for The Rebel about the recent trend of “Drag Kids” following the popularity of shows likes RuPauls Drag Race. As someone who enjoys the world of drag and fashion, I felt it was important to present a balanced and fair argument as to why drag queen children make me feel uncomfortable.

To me, drag is an art form. It ties in live performance, fashion, comedy and escapism. I was particularly drawn to the humour, which would often play with morbid and grotesque themes. I used to regularly attend drag shows and also would experiment with looks myself. One of the things I loved most about it was that you could have a very safe night out while still indulging in dressing up - and you could present an ‘alter ego’ or a more exaggerated version of yourself to the world without it being sexual.

However, as I started to agree more and more with the ‘right wing’ side of the political spectrum - I found myself noticing that the LGBT world was becoming very exclusionary of people with different views. The language used in the promotion of club nights was becoming so politically charged that I was starting to feel unwelcome. After a falling out with a close friend of mine over my support of Donald Trump, I no longer felt comfortable in that world.

Following the rise to fame of ‘Desmond is Amazing’ and ‘Queen Lactatia’ - who were both pre-pubescent boys at the time - I felt I had to speak out, regardless of whether it was my place or not. 
I am extremely worried about the grey area between children and adults in the drag world - as well as within the entertainment industry. I have spent a fair amount of time looking into the underworld of sex trafficking and child exploitation, and I think it’s absolutely essential that we protect these children from becoming targets for predators. Drag should not be an excuse to say it’s ‘just dressing up’ and that anybody who takes issue is a bigot- and it should not be about putting children in danger or exploiting them for monetary gain. While I am still fairly liberal when it comes to LGBT issues, I think we need to take a firm stance when it comes to children.

You can watch the full piece for The Rebel here.