16 April 2016
Anti-Austerity March

An anti-austerity march in London attracted tens of thousands of people wielding banners with slogans, expletive-filled placards and pig effigies. 

Protesters descended on central London in hundreds of coaches to voice their outrage at the cuts imposed on public services by David Cameron and his government.

“No ifs, no buts, no public sector cuts”, and “Dodgy Dave get out, we know what you’re all about” were among the chants demonstrators bellowed as they marched from the University of Central London to rally in Trafalgar Square. Beneath Nelson’s Column, the swelling crowd, estimated by some at 50,000-strong, carried banners with messages including: “Get the Tory Twats Out” and “Cut War Not Welfare.”

Others made references to pigs, and some protesters wore pig masks, in an allusion to disputed claims that as a student the prime minister once placed his penis in a dead pig’s mouth. 

The demonstration, organised by the People's Assembly, was attended by shadow chancellor John McDonnell. Russell Brand and Charlotte Church were also in attendance and made speeches.

Photos by Lucy Brown